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  8. “And I don’t want to save what is not at the heart of commercial banking”. As a former banker, I always believed banking had a special place in the economy and needed government backing. Now I ask WHY!!!! Well, mainly because everyone’s on the same side of the trade. The FED made $45B last year. Even the regulators are profitting from the current system….

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  11. Hi lucas how are you? , you´re pretty awesome i´m watching your video speaking swedish, and i´m wondering how you learned to speak swedish, i want to learn it , i speak english, french and portuguese, but swedish is like my greatest fantasy, i really want to say that your work is very impressive and you have inspired me.Greetings from Venezuela!!!!!!!

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    The 1972 World Book Encyclopedia was the source of all knowledge in my household. The “great” Saginaw, in case you’re not kidding, was a part of (I believe) Michigan, a forest of mythic proportions that stretched across the upper plains states into Canada. In my Dempster illustrated Paul Bunyan volume, it is the great final prize. Or maybe Montana–I pull it out and reread it every few years. I’d scan pages from it if I didn’t think the old hardcover binding wouldn’t burst into dust.

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  17. You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

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  27. Which came first, the problem or the solution? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

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    Getting small seed pots and filling them with compost is also a great way of doing it, and it avoids the use of peat. They have started to phase out the use of peat in the UK to try and preserve this resource and the habitats it supports as long as possible.Not saying using a few of those peat pellets will do any harm, but that we will need to change the way we plant in the long run to keep our environment intact. I love your tips though, and hope your tomatoes will do brilliantly!

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  35. Licia, non è male ricordare a giorni di distanza. Come il giorno della memoria per lo sterminio degli ebrei. La gente guarda i film per un paio di giorni, ma poi è tuttto di nuovo dimenticato. E io ho paura che una cosa del genere possa accadere ancora.

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    It’s grey, dreary, damp, and cold here today, but I can’t help but smile to see so many cheery blooms! I love the Gaura in the buckets, how fun!

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  41. So with obesity being an epidemic, are we now discouraging running as a healthy form of exercise? And most of these claims are based on “junk science”? How many people do you know that cut ther life short by running too much? How many people do you know that cut there life short by eating poorly, not exercising, or drinking too much?

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  43. Obviously they are concerned and felt threatened enough at the prospect of two small parties supporting Capriles.  It was a good move, you have to hand it to them.  The game is on! Â

  44. as plentiful as it’s been in previous weeks, but apples are coming next week. Yeah! I experimented with sorrel this week. Sounds like something horses eat, but it was delicious with grilled fish and spinach.

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  46. That is very encouraging of you Jason. Most of the people that have grown up in the Amish lifestyle would reject out of hand not only my intellectual arguments but also myself. It is refreshing to know that there are still some decent ex-Amish people out there.

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  51. P.S. I’ll give you this…I don’t want to see any young people try and do what I did..no…if I had a chance to relive my life I would have gone into entertainment from ASU and not been an outlaw…however it was a wicked ride…wild, exciting and dangerous….a life most can only go see movies about…that’s all…would I do it again…HELL NO A GUY COULD GET KILLED.

  52. That may seem a little far fetched, but probably no more so than the possibility that there are particles we cannot detect, because they are going faster than the speed of light, and are hard to detect because of this.

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  61. Thanks, Cat!I see the Light as the Universe…that great, powerful, full of Love, and yet un-named Being that embraces us all. That's usually what I try to focus on during Meeting, but prayers to Hestia happen too 😉

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  73. The right makes no serious arguments for their positions or platforms. It is rhetoric, mockery, satire and derision constantly. TThe very same that one accuses the left of doing."The left is full of rot, evil, yada, yada"You get more flies with honey than vinegar. Simply stated you are preaching to your own choir on this blog and nothing more. Its becoming a bore.

  74. Sue Morley August 16, 2010 – 22:34 I’m enjoying reading your adventures so keep them coming. Keep up with the good work, can’t wait to see the finished project.Sue (Ross’ mum xxx)

  75. I agree with Karolina. I do believe you're most likely doing this because then you can remove all the comments that disagree with you. Sad…Really, you're ruining it for yourself with all these changes nobody asked for or wants

  76. I love Michael Chabon, but haven’t been able to make it very far into Summerland. I enjoyed your review; I may have to give the book another shot one of these days.

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  79. My favourite meal was the meal my mum made us when we had been sick.Farex ( farina) in one bowl and grated apples in the other.hardly glamour food but definatley comforting.In fact 40 years on I made it tonight for my sickee 5 year old for the first time and he loved it!Ps love your site and the recipes

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  91. I saw the video with him on this forum….  ”when I wrote 80/10/10 i really didn’t write it for raw fooders… “also: “80/10/10 is a  caloric nutrient ratio…” this is what he says…  this one is more interesting :

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