Bike Work

The queen is dead, long live the queen.

Our sketchy weekend in the rain was the last with Penny on the team. Dear lord, we loved her, but the goal of the project is to be racing. And the best way to do that is on a 600. Bigger, more popular class. Slightly more controllable insanity than that of the 955cc Italian twist-n-go. And the prices. Hoo boy, the prices are so much nicer.

Perhaps the piece that was most illustrative of the price difference was the exhaust. That beautiful underbelly exhaust on Penny was really what totaled her — beating that up pushed the wreck estimate over the limit, to the tune of something like $3,600 to replace the exhaust. And an aftermarket exhaust? Start thinking five large. Madness.

In contrast, the new bike is running a full Leo Vince titanium exhaust. $1,250 new. Much less used. And because the world is flooded with parts for the new bike, everything can be gotten used for a song.

That’s the thing about the Italian beasts. People who ride Ducatis tend to want to replace parts with genuine Ducati parts. Even when those parts are made in China and available directly, exactly the same as the Duc original. A caliper bolt is just a caliper bolt, but if you want the Ducati caliper bolt, that’s gonna be five times more expensive.

We can feel you rolling your eyes. Yes of course it’s no surprise that Ducati parts are much more expensive. It’s just that we’re trying to build a race bike, and we’re not rich. Not yet, anyway.

So Penny has a new home, and she’s been replaced by Ducky, a 2012 R6 which we’ve been working day and night to get rip ready.

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