Bravo and I just wanted to say thank you to all the folks who have been supportive so far. We appreciate the love, and we’re really excited to see how things play out.

Our Facebook page has over a thousand likes now. I don’t know the exact conversion rate, but we’ll be taking those likes to the bank soon and exchanging them for real money. Can’t wait.

But seriously — thank you thank you. We’re not even live yet, and we’re feeling very encouraged.


(Bravo and I had to high-five to celebrate the 1,000 “Like” mark.)



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Seventeen days to go until the campaign launches.

We’ve decided to roll with IndieGoGo instead of the the other guys — IGG is more supportive of a sports-related campaign, whereas KS didn’t see how writing a book was related to publishing.

The argument we tried to make was that if you sent a man to Africa to write a book about African safaris, surely you’d need to raise money for his pith helmets and blunderbusses and mosquito nets and whatnot. But they weren’t having it. Ah well. On to IGG, and happily.

The vibe here is one of just nonstop-stoked. We’re getting a lot of love on FB and IG, and we’re just really happy that so many people see something worthwhile in this project. Even if we fall a million miles short of our ultimate funding goal, we’ll all be proud we tried.

Thanks for the love. We love you back. Seriously.

Rubber Side Down!



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Charlie, Bravo, and Penny are starting a roadracing team. They’re going to race a superbike so they can write about racing superbikes. And they need you to join the team.

We’ll soon be adding more info about our Kickstarter, as well as our rewards, sponsorship options, and probably a bad joke you’ve already heard.

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