We’re writing a book about racing motorcycles for the first time by racing motorcycles for the first time.


Who is Charlie?

He’s the guy who’s going to be piloting Penny.


Who is Penny?

She’s a Ducati 959 Panigale.


Who is Bravo?

He’s a one year old Belgian Malinois.


Isn’t that the dog that killed Bin Laden?

It is one breed that SEALs use.


Is a Belgian Malinois a good pet?

Not really.


Who is Martin Van Buren?

He’s our eighth president. But he’s also the team van.


Is my sponsorship or contribution tax deductible as a marketing expense?

Could be. You have to ask a tax professional about that.


Why are you asking for money if you can afford a Ducati?

God bless America. You can ride anything you want if you promise to make payments.


Is Charlie going to be fast?

Probably medium-fast.


What kinds of modifications will Penny have?

Very few. We’ll be racing Superstock Open, which doesn’t allow for many mods and requires DOT-approved tires. Initial plans would just be for rear sets to minimize scraping on the track and beefier brake pads to make the scary moments slightly less scary. Plus the aftermarket fairings listed above (and featuring your logo!).


What kind of social media footprint have you already established?

Zilch. You’re going to watch it grow from the ground up, starting, like, now. Gas roots, friend.


What kind of ROI can I expect from my investment?

Not only does Kickstarter disallow us to promise any money, we won’t make any money to promise. But people will likely see more of your logo on the Internet. Plus, it will give your brand a reason to be at a sportbike event. Street cred. But really, you should be doing this because you want a book that you made possible.


When can I order my copy of the book?

We will begin production of the book immediately after the 2017 season ends. So it’ll be a while. But in the meantime, we’ll be posting updates and articles online.


Is this whole project going to amount to some navel-gazing hipster bullshit about the freedom of the open road and the bond between man and machine?

Nah. We’re going racing.


Motorcycles are dangerous. My cousin’s girlfriend’s dog’s previous owner was killed when he was riding his motorcycle and a tractor-trailer jumped a median and smashed him to smithereens.

Dude, that’s not even a question. And we’re all sick of hearing that story.


Road trip?

Road trip!

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