The Rewards

This isn’t about the team making money. We just want to race and write. Our highest aspiration is to finish the project — which will start immediately after funding and continue through the 2017 season — at $0. In fact, we refuse to settle for anything less!


Here’s what we have to offer our backers:

1. In exchange for your support, we will put your name, logo, or an image of your smiling face on our bike, gear, or van. You choose the placement — it’s your team. If you’re wondering if your contribution could be tax-deductible as a marketing expense, we’re wondering that too. Talk to your CPA and let us know what he or she says.

2. We will be posting progress updates, interviews, training regimens, and meandering nonsense on a regular editorial calendar. Please check below for more information on the types of articles and posts we plan to write. At the end of the racing season, we’ll combine these pieces into a book, which will be available first to sponsors and backers.

3. You will become a member of Gas Roots Racing by having more than just your face or logo on the team. You’ll also have voting power in the team livery, the way we spend the team’s money, the stops we make, and the races we win. (Just kidding. I wouldn’t bet on us winning any races.)

4. We’re creating some great stickers and t-shirts so you can show your support everywhere you go.


Here are some preliminary designs:


bravo-head-tshirt clash-t-shirt wheel-logo-tshirt wheel-logo-tshirt


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